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Author of the critically acclaimed book on women and relationship status, “Single That.”


  • Traci Thompson

    Traci Thompson

  • Lonlon


    I'm a nobody.. Just a lost soul



    I am SEOMECS and I think in search terms. I answer questions in the SERPS, and I have never seen the sun. One day I hope to get a tan, but not today.

  • Katie Joy Cochran

    Katie Joy Cochran

    Maverick • Rambler • Veteran • Underdog Champion • Boldly Unbroken

  • Isaac Tendo

    Isaac Tendo

    Somewhere sipping tea, listening to lofi-hip-hop, and hoping my existence captivates your heart and provokes you to live life more meaningfully.

  • Adriana Leboss

    Adriana Leboss

    Miss Word

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