Hey Jeff. I appreciate your feedback.

Regrading your first scenario, where a woman voluntarily gets up and removes her clothes... I believe at that point she becomes an initiator of sex. I think any reasonable person would deduct that she's a willing participant. Though consent can be withdrawn at any time, naked or not.

Every woman's "line" is different. What I took from Levy's description is that obtaining explicit consent removes the possibly for confusion and undesired aggression. If you ask, you don't have to wonder. No matter the scenario. I actually think this places responsibility on both the man and woman as it's not just about asking for consent but offering an honest response in return.

Someone else in the comments mentioned that sex can be kinky and you can be aggressive while still obtaining formal consent. When this step is taken, "well-intentioned" men won't have to guess or try to decipher the situation. It serves both parties.



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