I agree that college should be cheaper/more accessible for everyone. However, I don’t view education as a luxury — which is where I think “what you can afford” should come into play — for the reasons stated here. It’s not about deserving anything… Just create a more level playing field and see what each individual can do with it. I know this is a utopian view and doesn’t fit with the idea of capitalism. I also agree that this can apply to more than just the cost of education or student loans.

$3o,ooo can quickly turn into $45,000+ with interest over time. Also, the average monthly student loan payment is close to $400. That can absolutely be problematic depending on income level, when combined with living expenses.

I think we both agree that something should be done. “What?” is the next step, and I think a thorough understanding of the issue from all sides will help with that.

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